Week 7 – A little bit of what you fancy

21 Sep

We had a grand crowd this week with some great suggestions.  A BIG thanks to Ruby for coming up and being part of Samurai.

My favourite moments:

“Do you like my boob tube bra?”

“Yeah, but you’re not supposed to put it over your willie.”

Nicola expertly ejects me from the Boring Game with some Anne Summers chat.

Roasting a giraffe to the Gods of the teapot in the Local Mystery

“You know?   They poo themselves!”

Two Council Children’s officers forget what children are and try to remember in Roller Coaster of Emotion.

This Thursday we play guest host to the fabulous Short and Girlie Show

The show has the later start of 9pm.

Next Thursday 3oth September  The Fish are back!  8pm at The Brighton Improv Temple.

ALL the shows are still FREE for the whole of September.

NO Sunday workshops this week.   Next one 3rd October.

It’s a  two hour workshop between 4 and 6pm on 19th September for £5. Take a look at what have on offer at:  The Brighton Improv Temple

or follow the twitter @improvfish


Brighton Improv

A Fish Called Improv

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