The Experience

Anyone can be funny.

It’s a provocative statement but I have found it to be 99% true and doing an Improvised Comedy Experience with me can prove that rule to you too.

Nothing builds relationships like laughter, this is what the Improv Comedy Experience is all about – Your team and the power of laughter. Creating an experience you will all be talking about for weeks after.
Improv is based on collaboration not competition, in an atmosphere of safety, trust and support. Everyone gets to be heard without fear of status, criticism or judgement.
Improv is all about making your teammate look good.
Improvising together improves team work as everyone is focused on their partners completely within the moment which allows them to act without been stuck in their own head.

The Improv Experiences are brilliant fun, very energetic and fully immersive.

Participants don’t need any drama, acting, comedy or improv experience whatsoever.

We create a supportive atmosphere of friendliness, excitement and humour for you to lose yourself in.

So why not Book today.