Improv Club

Welcome to Improv Club. The first rule of Improv Club is…

Thats right…tell anyone who is an experienced comedy improviser in or around Brighton about Improv Club, or else nobody will show up.

The Ethos of Improv Club is to support experienced improvisers to play, in a collective, with a view to having fun, to develop those who want to perform (or are already performing) and create a professional environment for groups and solo improvisers to flourish in. In turn this will bolster the local performing improv community by providing more acts to the Brighton scene and beyond.

What does experienced mean? This is not a group for improvising beginners, but equally you do not have to have 20 years behind your belt to join. It is a space for people who know the basic principles of improv (perhaps you’ve done a couple of courses or been performing for a year or two, or have performed or played alot in the past and are coming back to it after some time away).

If you want to be supported and play with like minded people this is for you.

Some of the group aspire to be, or already are, performing professionally. If that is not your goal that’s okay. Just know that everyone at Improv Club takes comedy seriously, but not so seriously as to be an arse about it.

The Club was founded by Kate and Simon in 2021

Weekly Wednesday sessions on a rolling basis, 7.30 to 9.30pm

The sessions are £3 per person.

Location: The Chimney House, 28 Upper Hamilton Road, Brighton, BN1 5DF. We meet in their upstairs room.

If you are unsure about anything or would like to know more email Simon:

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