Week 8 – The Short and Girlie Show

28 Sep

What fantastic guests!  Thanks to Ali and all the Short and Girlie group who came to teach a women onlyworkshop and rocked the crowd with a vibrant show.

My favourite moments:

STAMP “You don’t F-ing exist”  Thea’s reaction to the worlds worst way to cut fairies toe nails.

Hannah’s fantastic song about doing something very particular in the bin of your hated boss.Cookie Monster and The Count as Hansel and Gretel as Sesame meets Balir Witch in the film and theate styles game.

And the Dead Haddock BluesThis Thursday 3oth September  The Fish start the firsts of a run of 4 shows  at The Brighton Improv Temple.  Show time 8pm

This is the fanal FREE  show of September.

Keep up to date with what’s going on here:  The Brighton Improv Temple

or follow the twitter @improvfish


Brighton Improv

A Fish Called Improv

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