Week 10 – 3 Fish

11 Oct

After our eleventh hour cancellation last week (our apologies again to anyone who turned up thinking we were playing) we were determined to make amends.

So three of the Fish, in various states of array, swam as hard as they could to provide an excellent show thankfully appreciated by our loudest and most raucous crowd yet.

Thanks to everyone in that audience, you were magnificent.

My favourite moments:

Gnu’s rutting out of season and spraying each other down with pepsi max in the Boring Game (Animal Extreme)

“I mean who wears orange lipstick on a first date? ….I’m not a Goth!”  The long running fued of 2 male sisters in a public toilet about a shade of lipstick in Mortal Enemies

“Are you going to stick it in or not?” …”I’m trigger happy!” Things turn sexy at the staple gun factory in Roller Coaster of Emotion

This Thursday (14th October)  The Fish continue to perform their very own kind a mayhem: 8pm upstairs at The Temple Bar.

Show price only £2

And thanks to everyone who came to this months improv Taster, it was great fun.  If you’d like to sample the comedy delights of improv the next Taster is on Sunday 14th November between 2 and 5pm.

For more information about us and events see:  The Brighton Improv Temple

or follow the twitter @improvfish

Till next week.


Brighton Improv

A Fish Called Improv

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