Week 2 – Improv and out!

16 Aug

Thanks to everyone who came to the Brighton Improv Temple show on Thursday performed by A Fish Called Improv and to the free-for-all Sunday show yesterday (Thanks to Thea, Rachel, Andy and first timer Natasha for being our experiment lab performers).  Great stuff!

Favourite moments last Thursday:

Using real babys to make jelly baby sweets and jelly baby shower gell in the local drama

“I’m not a waiter, I’m a Panda!”  A case of mistaken identity in the Boring Game.

The compelling need of one bored soldier to shoot something even if that happens to be his comrade in arms in this weeks alphabet.

Get more FREE improv at the Brighton Improv Temple this Thursday at 8pm with A Fish Called Improv and on Sunday from 7pm in our  ‘Whose Line’ style show.

Performers workshop – £5 – 4-6pm:  This week the topic is Stillness.

check the twitter @improvfish

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